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Superior Genetics

Superior genetics combined with industry leading technology traits make MFA MorCorn hybrids outstanding selections for Midwest and Midsouth soils. Our highly trained sales staff choose hybrids according to soil types, environmental conditions and agronomic practices in MFA's trade territory.

Whether you choose hybrids according to emergence, stalk strength or the value added traits, you can expect more with MorCorn. MorCorn – the traits combined with top yields you need to keep competitive.

We strive to bring performance and innovation to the market with our MorCorn hybrids. Technology leading traits with:


  • Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete™ (SSRIB) Corn that is refuge made easy with interspersed seed in every bag for complete automatic refuge compliance.
  • Genuity® VT Double Pro™ (VT2P) – the better double
    Two modes of insect protection for more above ground control
    5% refuge in the Corn Belt increasing whole farm profitability.
  • Genuity® VT Triple Pro™ (VT3P) – the triple stacked
    Corn Borer and Corn Rootworm protection with addition of a second Bt gene for above-ground lepidopteran control (adds control of armyworm and corn earworm)

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